At the end of the school year, our high school film team completed the documentary, 'Florencia' which tells this incredible story of redemption. It can be viewed below.  Florencia's story needs to be told so that we can help the 10,000 forgotten victims of landmines walk again.   


We began with helping one walk- Florencia Artur.  She was 16 when she accidentally stepped on a landmine and lost her right leg.  Her life was changed forever. 

Two writers in America heard about her story and took her to Jaipur, India to receive a prosthetic leg.  Florencia walked  back into her village and hope was restored. 

One million landmines were laid during Mozambique's civil war. Left behind were over 10,000 amputees. Without government assistance. Without their dignity. Without a future. 

HOW International was established to educate the world about this problem and to bring solutions to amputees left without assistance as a result of their limb loss. Our ultimate goal is to provide all amputees with a free prosthetic leg and restore their dignity by successfully integrating them back into their society.  


In 2015, HOW International set out to help provide low cost limbs to the people who are fighting to regain their legs, their livelihoods and their dignity. Building on our relationships in the international community, with help from educational institutions, charitable foundations and individuals, the people at HOW brought a group of high school students to Mozambique to provide the first prosthetic leg to Florencia, a young mother who was caught in the crossfire of the war when she stepped on a land mine. 

We are creating partnerships consisting of research teams, corporations, and educational institutions to bring the problem to light. In  just a year, we have established partnerships with institutions of higher learning including high schools and a major university.  



In 2017, we will launch Mobile LABS ( Limbs And Birth Services) Clinics in Mozambique and provide prosthetic legs to the amputees. This will be an innovative program that will begin to address the immediate and longterm needs of the landmine victims and simultaneously provide long overdue care for mothers and infants in these rural villages. Our ultimate goal is to provide artificial legs at no cost to the 10,000 amputees of Mozambique and regular Midwife and infant support.




Santa Barbara High School MAD Academy
California Polytechnic University

Our team returning from our trip to Jaipur, India and Mozambique after returning Florencia to her village

Our team returning from our trip to Jaipur, India and Mozambique after returning Florencia to her village


HOW is not just helping landmine victims to walk again, but we have a goal of bringing students and donors on our journey. Our overseas trips to Mozambique are fantastic learning labs for the HOW community, which combines these real time, real world field trips with instruction in how to use planning, team building, journalism and media expertise to send a message to the world about HOW.




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