"Recall the face of the poorest and most helpless person you have seen, and ask yourself if the next step you contemplate is going to be of any use to that person."

- Mahatma Gandhi

Step 1: Get Florencia dancing
HOW International took Florencia and a team of 18 students and leaders  to India where Jaipur foot fit her with her first prosthetic leg.  This was done at no cost to Florencia. She will now need a new prosthetic every four years.

Step 2: Start the Movement
There are 10,000 more landmine victims in Mozambique. HOW International is working Jaipur Foot to create a permanent clinic to provide legs for all of these amputees.  This will  begin with sending eight prosthetic technicians to Jaipur in the beginning of 2017 - which Jaipur Foot will train free of charge.


Step 3: Dancing for a Lifetime
We are partnering with the Mozambique Government, Alternative Mine Action (a company in Mozambique which has a main goal of helping innocent casualties), and Jaipur Foot to establish the permanent clinic and begin fitting the 10,000 other amputees.


Mailing Address: HOW International

949 Veronica Springs Road  Santa Barbara, CA 93105