There are over 21 million veterans in the United States today with over 280,000 that have suffered some type of limb loss.  While the Veteran's Administration has provided help to all veterans, there are the 'forgotten' ones that have been left behind whether they are homeless, underinsured or uninsured.   HOW is dedicated to help these veterans get back on their feet again.

HOW will take 12 amputee veterans to Jaipur, India to receive a Jaipur leg.  The following is our brochure announcing this event to all Veterans who are interested:


The Jaipur Foot clinic has placed 1.55 million artificial legs and mobility devices on their patients over the last thirty years.  In comparison to a prosthetic in the U.S. that costs as much as $70,000, a Jaipur leg is offered at no cost.   Another benefit of the Jaipur leg is the ability to use it in the shower, go into the water at the beach, and wade in a stream while you are fishing.  This is not possible with most of the prosthetics offered in the United States.   

The veterans will return to the U.S. with their new prosthetics free of charge and with the transformative education of how obtainable low-cost prosthetic care can be. HOW International will invite these veterans to walk Washington, DC as advocates for the needs of their disenfranchised community.

HOW International’s ultimate aim is to use the Help One Walk–Veterans project and its partnership with Jaipur Foot as a leading platform to replicate clinics in the U.S., with plans to offer a camp state-side in 2017 that will fit up to 50 veterans with high quality, truly functional prosthetics free of charge. 


Mailing Address: HOW International

949 Veronica Springs Road, Santa Barbara, CA 93105