California Polytechnic University:

"We were incredibly moved by your presentation last week, and in addition to being intellectually curious about satisfying this need, there is also emotional investment." This was Brian Murphy's response to John and Douglas' riveting presentation before the senior class on September 24th.  Five days later, HOW International was selected by Cal Poly to work with a senior engineering team to design their project, an ultra low-cost prosthetic which provides an affordable alternative for Third World countries as well as the United States. 

John is very excited to return to his alma mater (Engineering Class of 1980) after 35 years, and to be working with the "best of the best' of the senior class.  HOW hopes to see this as a multi-year partnership with Cal Poly and an opportunity to potentially introduce a cutting-edge low-cost solution for the thousands of amputees that cannot afford the high cost of prosthetics.

MAD Academy:

Douglas and John are highly motivated in involving the next generation of young people to experience and encounter the power of giving your life away to those in need.  In August, HOW International formed a strategic partnership with the  Multimedia, Arts, and Design (MAD) Academy at Santa Barbara High School. 

Dan Williams , Director of MAD is passionate about his students moving out into the world and helping others.  Dan and three senior students, Dane, Samsun and Ella traveled with the team to Mozambique and Jaipur.  Two Brooks Students (one former and one current) also traveled to Mozambique to document the trip.

MAD is now known as the group that is...Making A Difference.