"Essentially, we are not looking for Fundraisers but LifeGivers . . ."

Our Story:

HOW (Help One Walk) International is a movement that was started by two friends, John Mullen and Douglas Bowman.

While doing research on landmines in Mozambique for their book, they stumbled upon a story about a 16 year old single mother, Florencia.

While out collecting firewood in her home country of Mozambique, Florencia stepped on a landmine. She lost her right leg below the knee and badly burned the left side of her body. This tragedy happened two years ago and she has been using crutches ever since. John and Douglas were deeply moved by Florencia’s plight, and were concerned that her story would be left in the archives of internet writings, and that she would be forgotten - forever.

Most Mozambique amputees cannot afford one Prosthetic in their lifetime, never mind that most people need a fresh prosthetic every 5 years.

The need is well known in Mozambique, but the lack of resources is leaving a tragic scar on the nation. Douglas and John decided they could not merely write about Florencia and her 10,000 amputee ‘friends’; they needed to do something about it.

They set about scouring the global landscape for possibilities. In one of their many internet searches, they found Jaipur Foot. Jaipur Foot is an amazing non-profit in India that donates legs free of charge to any amputee, a testament to the caring way they look at life and particularly the loss of dignity suffered by the casualties of accidents, landmines and diseases. Through the generosity of Jaipur Foot and their Chief Patron, D.R. Mehta, Florencia has been offered a prosthetic in India. She is currently undergoing registration to become a citizen in Mozambique in order to apply for her passport to make the trip to India.

A number of years ago, Douglas and John were captivated by a group of caring people who had a powerful mantra, ‘Stop for the One’ - only it was not just a mission statement, but a daily activity, be it feeding, clothing, healing, housing, or hugging! After learning of the ten thousand other amputee victims, John and Douglas instantly knew - they could not ‘Stop at One.’



By partnering with Jaipur and a local agency in Mozambique, as well as RECEIVING the support of other caring communities, John and Douglas are working towards funding a movement that will lead to a permanent clinic in Mozambique.

We hope to raise $250,000 in the next 60 days which will both enable Florencia to be a forerunner of the movement, as well as allow us to establish training in India for Mozambicans who will become prosthetic technicians and provide free prosthetics to fellow citizens of their country. Some of the money raised will also be used to purchase materials and hire a National Director of the organization in Mozambique.


In September of 2015 Mozambique announced and celebrated Mine Free Day. Many de-miners (women and men) are now looking for work. Our movement is a great opportunity for the de-miners to do a second magnificent work for their nation.


We estimate that 3 million dollars would be needed to give legs free for life and give support for rehabilitation.  Perhaps some of you could join Douglas and John in Mozambique or India to see and experience Lifegiving first hand.

Of course, not everyone can go. Some key people will be igniting social media, blogging, sharing, Instagramming, Snapchatting, donating and organizing events as ONE BIG TEAM to accomplish this incredible, but doable task.

Consider yourself invited on this journey over the next few years and let's help Florencia and her 10,000 friends do what they do best: get in rhythm and DANCE as only these wonderful people can!!

John and Douglas have put their book, "The Accidental Disciple", on the back burner for now. Donations of $50 or more will receive a digital version of their upcoming book, "Florencia- An Accidental Story" when it is released. Everyone who gives $100 or more (be it one time or in increments) will receive a beautiful coffee table version.